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Convolution Code Download
Current version applgrid-1.5.46
Basic example code here
Standalone convolution utility here
The hoppet code version 1.2.0 for QCD evolution from Gavin Salam and Juan Rojo.

Calculation Code
MCFM: (use standard mcfm 6.8 code)
mcfm-patch (mcfm applgrid patch 0.0.8)
mcfm-bridge (version 0.0.35 - for mcfm-6.8)
nlojet++ 4.0.1 (applgrid version 0.0.2)
nlojet++ lhapdf wrapper 1.0.0 (applgrid version 0.0.2)
nlojet++ user module (applgrid version 0.0.2)

Grid Download
Grids should now be downloaded using the ploughshare project.
Some grids are available on the Downloads page:

Grids for sqrt(s)=2.76 TeV:
ATLAS inclusive jets (2011 - 0.2pb-1) grids

Grids for sqrt(s)=7 TeV:
ATLAS inclusive jets (2010 - 17nb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive jets (2010 - 37pb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive dijets (2010 - 37pb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive dijets (2011 - 4.5fb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive jets (2011 - 4.5fb-1) grids
ATLAS W+, W- data (2010 - 35pb-1) grids
ATLAS Z0 data (2010 - 35pb-1) grids
ATLAS W+, W- data (2011 - 4.6fb-1) grids
ATLAS Z0 data (2011 - 4.6fb-1) grids

Quick Start Guide
how to run the APPLgrid code

Please cite the APPLgrid as
Eur Phys J C 66 (2010) 503

Nightly builds

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