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Convolution Code Download
Current version applgrid-1.6.19
Basic example code here
Standalone convolution utility here
The hoppet code version 1.2.0 for QCD evolution from Gavin Salam and Juan Rojo.

Calculation Code
MCFM: (use standard mcfm 6.8 code)
mcfm-patch (mcfm applgrid patch 0.0.8)
mcfm-bridge (version 0.0.35 - for mcfm-6.8)
nlojet++ 4.0.1 (applgrid version 0.0.2)
nlojet++ lhapdf wrapper 1.0.0 (applgrid version 0.0.2)
nlojet++ user module (applgrid version 0.0.2)

Grid Download
Grids should now be downloaded using the ploughshare project.
Some grids are available on the Downloads page:

Grids for sqrt(s)=2.76 TeV:
ATLAS inclusive jets (2011 - 0.2pb-1) grids

Grids for sqrt(s)=7 TeV:
ATLAS inclusive jets (2010 - 17nb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive jets (2010 - 37pb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive dijets (2010 - 37pb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive dijets (2011 - 4.5fb-1) grids
ATLAS inclusive jets (2011 - 4.5fb-1) grids
ATLAS W+, W- data (2010 - 35pb-1) grids
ATLAS Z0 data (2010 - 35pb-1) grids
ATLAS W+, W- data (2011 - 4.6fb-1) grids
ATLAS Z0 data (2011 - 4.6fb-1) grids

Quick Start Guide
how to run the APPLgrid code

Please cite the APPLgrid as
Eur Phys J C 66 (2010) 503

Grid Downloads
Here you can download grids for APPLgrid version 1.6.19 for fast cross section evaluation. These grids are fully differential and should require no additional scaling. Each should include the non-perturbative (and any additional) bin-by-bin corrections or K-factors, the application of which is discussed in the relevant papers - see the Documentation page for more information.

Please note that these grids should be based on the grids that were used for the relevant papers, and were not necessarily created by the the applgrid authors.

These grids are here for historical purposes, now grids are distributed from the ploughshare project.

LHC: pp @ sqrt(s) = 2.76TeV
ATLAS inclusive jets (2011 data 0.2pb-1)
arXiv:1304.4739v1 Inclusive jets anti-kT:   Tables 4-10 (R=0.4) and 11-17 (R=0.6)
grid tarball contains
        atlas-incldijets-arxiv-1304.4739/r04/atlas-incljets-eta[1-7].root (R=0.4)  
	atlas-incldijets-arxiv-1304.4739/r06/atlas-incljets-eta[1-7].root (R=0.6)
LHC: pp @ sqrt(s) = 7TeV
ATLAS inclusive jets (2010 data 17nb-1)
arXiv:1009.5908v2 Inclusive jets anti-kT:   Tables 1-3 (R=0.4) and 4-6 (R=0.6)
grid tarball contains
	atlas-incljets-arxiv-1009.5908v2/r04/atlas-incljets-eta[1-5].root (R=0.4)   
	atlas-incljets-arxiv-1009.5908v2/r06/atlas-incljets-eta[1-5].root (R=0.6)
ATLAS inclusive jets (2010 data 37pb-1)
arXiv:1112.6297 Inclusive jets anti-kT:   Tables 5-11 (R=0.4) and 12-18 (R=0.6)
grid tarball contains
	atlas-incljets-arxiv-1112.6297/r04/atlas-incljets-eta[1-7].root (R=0.4)   
	atlas-incljets-arxiv-1112.6297/r06/atlas-incljets-eta[1-7].root (R=0.6)
ATLAS inclusive dijets (2010 data 37pb-1)
arXiv:1112.6297 Inclusive dijets anti-kT:   Tables 19-27 (R=0.4) and 28-36 (R=0.6)
grid tarball contains
        atlas-incldijets-arxiv-1112.6297/r04/atlas-incldijets-eta[1-9].root (R=0.4)  
	atlas-incldijets-arxiv-1112.6297/r06/atlas-incldijets-eta[1-9].root (R=0.6)
NB: the grids for the 3.0 < y* < 3.5 interval for both R=0.4 and R=0.6 are missing
ATLAS inclusive dijets (2011 data 4.5fb-1)
arXiv:1312.3524 Inclusive dijets anti-kT:   Tables 4-9 (R=0.4) and 10-15 (R=0.6)
grid tarball contains
        atlas-incldijets-arxiv-1312.3524/r04/atlas-incldijets-y[0-5].root (R=0.4)  
	atlas-incldijets-arxiv-1312.3524/r06/atlas-incldijets-y[0-5].root (R=0.6)
NB: requires applgrid-1.4.56 or later.
The cross sections in the paper scale both the renormalisation and factorisation scales by an additional factor of exp(0.3*y*)
ATLAS inclusive jets (2011 data 4.5fb-1)
arXiv:1410.8857 Inclusive jets anti-kT:   Tables 3-8 (R=0.4) and 9-14 (R=0.6)
grid tarball contains
        atlas-incljets-arxiv-1410.8857/r04/atlas-incljets-y[0-5].root (R=0.4)  
	atlas-incljets-arxiv-1410.8857/r06/atlas-incljets-y[0-5].root (R=0.6)
NB: requires applgrid-1.4.56 or later.
ATLAS W+, W- data (2010 data 35pb-1)
arXiv:1109.5141 W plus data, W minus data for the asymmetry, vs lepton rapidity:   Tables 24 (W- -> l nubar) and 25 (W+ -> lbar nu)
grid tarball contains
ATLAS Z0 data (2010 data 35pb-1)
arXiv:1109.5141 Z0 rapidity distribution:   Table 23 (Z0 -> llbar)
grid tarball contains
ATLAS W+, W- data (2011 data 4.6fb-1) NEW !!
arXiv:1612.03016 W plus and W minus data vs lepton rapidity:   Table 12 (W- -> l nubar) and (W+ -> lbar nu)
grid tarball contains
ATLAS Z0 data (2011 data 4.6fb-1) NEW !!
arXiv:1612.03016 Z0 rapidity distribution:   Tables 13, 14 (Z0 -> llbar)
grid tarball contains
Code Download
Various code for download is available:
  • You can download the latest version (1.6.19) of the standard APPLgrid convolution code here .
  • If you wish to use arbitrary factorisation scale variation, you will need to have hoppet installed first, which you can download from here .
  • There are some simple examples which you can download from here . These examples requires that you have LHAPDF installed which you can find here .
  • In addition, APPLgrid uses root files for storage, although not internally, so you should also install root which you can find here .

Calculation Code
If you wish to generate your own grids, we currently have NLOjet++ available for jet production at NLO and MCFM for most other processes.

  • For NLOjet++ we have our own custom version 4.0.1 which can be downloaded from here .
    This requires the nlojet pdf module that you can download from here .
    The user module can be downloaded from here

  • For MCFM, you should download the standard version of MCFM (6.7 or later). To link with applgrid, before installing MCFM, you should download and install the mcfm-bridge code, which you install with the usual ./configure ; make ; make install etc.

    After running this you will need to patch the standard installation using the patch file which you should untar in the MCFM base directory and then remove the file
    then just build using make. To link with applgrid, before running make, you should set the LDFLAGS enviroment variable to the output from
       mcfm-bridge --ldflags
    NB: you should not use the standard install script that comes with MCFM.
Other interfaces are being developed and will be released when available.

Downloads Archive
The old downloads directory can be found here (Warning, not for the faint of heart)

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