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Convolution Code Download

Current version applgrid-1.6.27

Basic example code here
A standalone convolution utility is here

The hoppet code version 1.2.0 for QCD evolution from Gavin Salam and Juan Rojo.

Calculation Code

MCFM: (use standard mcfm 6.8 code)
mcfm-patch (mcfm applgrid patch 0.0.8)
mcfm-bridge (version 0.0.35 - for mcfm-6.8)
nlojet++ 4.0.1 (applgrid version 0.0.2)
nlojet++ lhapdf wrapper 1.0.0 (applgrid version 0.0.2)
nlojet++ user module (applgrid version 0.0.2)

Grid Download

Please note, that grids should now be downloaded using the ploughshare website. from the grid download page

Quick Start Guide

how to run the APPLgrid code


Please cite APPLgrid as
Eur Phys J C 66 (2010) 503

New developments and releases

8th Mar 2022 New release versions of applgrid,
Fixes an issue with the hoppet initiualisation for some grids with very
large internal scales
24th Apr 2021 New release versions of applgrid and appl-conv standalone convolution code ...
Simplifies configuration of applgrid without root ...
- adds a configure option --without-root
to disable root support

21st Mar 2021 New release versions of applgrid and appl-conv standalone convolution code ...
Adds a new applgrid native indexed file format to replace the root storage
- allows applgrid to be compiled and used completely free from root
- adds a new applgrid-convert utility to convert bewteen the root and new native appl
- builds with root by default if root is installed, in which case can read
and write root or native appl formats interchangeably, compiles without root if
root is not found
16th May 2019 New release versions of applgrid and apl-conv standalone convolution code ...
New version of applgrid capable of running NNLO grids with full NNLO factorisation and
renormalisation scale variation
17th Feb 2015 New release versions of applgrid and the mcfm interface ...
mcfm-bridge 0.0.28
mcfm-patch 0.0.8
Adds minor new internal features and fixes for some newer processes
12th May 2014 Fix fresh compilation failure in mcfm-bridge, new tag ...
mcfm-bridge 0.0.28
11th May 2014 New versions of mcfm bridge code, and applgrid code with enhanced features for combining bins, and reducing the number of
sub processes.
mcfm-bridge 0.0.27
New atlas inclusive dijet (2011) grids released including nonperturbativer and Electroweak corrections. NB: require applgrid-1.4.56
or higher.
16th Apr 2014 New applgrid intermediate version of applgrid released 1.4.50 released
Enhanced interface for combination of bins
16th Apr 2014 New version of mcfm bridge code for use with default mcfm version 6.7 (support for custom applgrid version of mcfm will be dropped)
mcfm-bridge 0.0.25
New package, mcfm-patch version 0.0.0, required to patch mcfm version 6.7 - just untar in the mcfm base directory and run "make"
29th Oct 2013 New version of the mcfm bridge code for mcfm 6.6.
mcfm-bridge 0.0.15
mcfm-6.6 0.0.8
The new default supported mcfm version is updated to mcfm 6.6 (mcfm 6.0 code is now frozen and will no longer be developed)
28th Oct 2013 New version applgrid 1.4.36, adds additional runtime access to applgrid version, extends fortran interface, and fixes
bug in the application of corrections for older grids for backwards compatability
26th Oct 2013 New version applgrid 1.4.33, allows easier setting and getting of the ckm matrix, and caching of
pdf calls for faster convolution
New version mcfm-bridge 0.0.13 - uses new ckm setting routines
8th Sep 2013 Bugfix version applgrid 1.4.28, adds missing config file for "basic" pdf.
New version mcfm-bridge 0.0.12
New version mcfm-6.6 0.0.8
1st Sep 2013 Add tarballs for development version of mcfm 6.6 and new mcfm bridge to download archive - not yet linked by default
packages to use need to download
mcfm-6.6 0.0.5
mcfm-bridge 0.0.8
1st Sep 2013 Automatically encode ckm matrix in grids for mcfm-bridge for the mcfm-6.6 development version
mcfm-bridge 0.0.9
1st Sep 2013 Automatically encode ckm matrix in grids for mcfm-bridge for the mcfm-6.6 development version
mcfm-bridge 0.0.9
5th Aug 2013 Automatically store ckm matrix from mcfm in the grids, update applgrid and mcfm versions:
applgrid 1.4.27
mcfm-6.0 0.0.8
1st Aug 2013 New applgrid 1.4.25 released, allows different parton distribution for each target hadron

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